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Default Showbox Streaming Movies and TV

Show Box Installation and Streaming

1) If you already own any of the following skip to step 2:

a. Apple TV
b. Chromecast
c. DLNA Renderer (Smart Blu-Ray player, etc)
d. Roku
e. Samsung, Sony or Panasonic Smart TV
f. Xbox 360 or Xbox One

If you don’t own any of those the cheapest option to stream to your TV is a Chromecast at $35. Make sure your TV has an HDMI port before purchasing. You can buy a Chromecast at any Best Buy or online from Best Buy Online, Google, orAmazon.Amazon.

Once you have purchased the Chromecast plug it into the HDMI port on your TV and select the appropriate input. Make sure you have also plugged in the included Micro-USB power cord.

Download the Chromecast application on your Android device and follow the setup wizard. Your Android device MUST be connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast!

2) Open the Settings in your Android device and select Security. Find the Unknown Sources box and check it. A warning will come up, click okay to proceed. Download Show Box onto your device by clicking this link. THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY. Once Show Box downloads a pop-up will appear, click Install.

When you open Show Box for the first time it will need to do an initial setup/download. On Verizon this can only be done over WiFi and if you try to use mobile data it will give you an error. On other carriers it may work with mobile data. If you get an error, connect to a WiFi network and try again.

3) Download Localcast.

4) Open ShowBox and pick a movie or TV show (you can also search in each category). A menu for your choice will appear. Choose the highest quality available and un-check the “Use internal player” button. Then push Watch Now. An option window should come up with the various media players on your device. Select Localcast and then select Always at the bottom of the menu.

The media should load into Localcast. Click on the file and it will ask you to select a device. Select the device of your choice and the file will start buffering to your TV. It generally takes less than 30 seconds to buffer and start playing.

The quality of media varies, but Medium is 480p and High is 720p. After a television episode airs it generally takes less than 24 hours for it to get updated. This includes HBO shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective. Movies are generally whatever is out on Blu-Ray/DVD with a mix of some in theater stuff.

Moviebox for non-jailbroken iOS devices and streaming via Apple TV

1) Go here and buy the Inclusive package for $14.99. The site only accepts Google Wallet for payment. Create a login on the site.

2) The site will then give you a link that you need to open in Safari to pull your UDID (Unique Device Identifier).

3) You'll get an email with directions and an attachment containing a provisioning certificate (NOTE: If you do this on a weekend you may not get the provisioning certificate until Monday). Tap on the provisioning certificate in the email and install it.

4) On your iPad/iPhone tap on this to install the Zeusmos app.

5) Once Zeusmos installs open it and go to settings. You will need to login to the application using the Zeusmos account you created in step 1 and select the provisioning certificate you were emailed from the drop down list. Make sure to select the correct provisioning certificate or the apps that you select won't install correctly.

6) Open Safari and click this link. Select Open in Zeusmos. Occasionally I've run into problems in this step where it will open in Zeusmos and it looks like nothing is happening. If that happens wait a couple of minutes, close Zeusmos completely and then open it again. Then proceed to the next step.

7) Navigate to the downloads tab at the bottom and select MovieBox. When you click on it it will ask you if you want to upload and sign it. Click yes and proceed.

8) Once that process is finished a signed version of MovieBox will appear in the ready to install section of the downloads tab. Click on it and select install. MovieBox will install.

MovieBox is the iOS version of Showbox and has a huge variety of movies and tv shows. You can stream MovieBox to Apple TV.

Using Zeusmos you can download other apps as well. Examples are Musicbox (free MP3's) and iTether if you have an iPhone and don't want to pay to enable the hotspot feature. For an additional $9.99 you can buy another provisioning certificate here if you want to install Zeusmos on another device. This can be done completely from any iOS device and doesn't require a computer.

I've run into some issues with a few installs where I had problems downloading Movie Box in Zeusmos. If you run into any problems post in the thread or shoot me a PM and I'll walk you through as best I can.
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Thanks for the solid info. Will share on our FB page.
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